Cash Solutions
That Add Up

We are an Allied Universal Company – a globally-leading cash and payments solutions provider, based in South Africa.

We provide advanced, customised handheld devices, machines, and financial software, to the retail, wholesale and banking sectors.

The Cash Management Experts

We protect all types and sizes of businesses from the risks associated with handling cash and payment transactions – focusing on safety and efficiency.

With less manual cash handling, opportunities for human error, temptation of theft, and waste, you can run your business more efficiently, more profitably, and with peace of mind. Our solutions mean that your cash is accounted for and your payment systems are seamlessly integrated into your existing business structures to offer your customers world-class service.





For over a decade, we’ve perfected the art of cash and payment management – implementing world-class technological innovation, customer-led product development, and exceptional manufacturing quality to collect, handle, process, safeguard, and dispense cash, as well as the extended processes around transactions.



Be the world’s most trusted services partner



Allied Universal®, through its unparalleled customer relationships, provides proactive solutions, cutting-edge smart technology, and tailored services that allow customers to focus on their core business.



There for you™ – serving and safeguarding customers, communities, and people around the world



We are agile, reliable and innovative.

Our caring culture puts people and safety first.

We deliver through teamwork and always act with integrity.


Join the Global Leaders


We’re the best, because our people are the best. Our decades of experience taught us the nature of the industry, and cash management jobs best suit individuals with the following attributes:

Acting with Integrity & Respect

We build relationships with customers and co-workers based on trust, honesty and openness. We do what we promise and strive to do the right thing. We listen. We treat our colleagues, customers and those in our care with the utmost respect.

Passionate about Safety, Security & Service Excellence

We’re passionate about working safely and take great care to protect our colleagues and customers from harm. We are experts in security and use that knowledge to protect our customers’ assets. We keep our promises and are passionate about delivering high levels of customer service.

Focus on Innovation & Teamwork

We invest in technology and best practices to continuously improve the products and services we offer. We challenge ourselves to find new ways of helping our customers achieve their goals. We work together as a team, valuing everyone’s contribution to ensure we achieve the best results for our customers and our business.