We understand banking requirements and the challenges retail and commercial banks face. Using state-of-the-art technology and industry expertise, we implement modern banking systems and best practices for local and international banks.

Our Banking Solutions Free You to Serve Better

Confidently digitise and integrate all your banking systems and cash handling. Improve your customers’ experience, reinforce security, and track transactions from every touchpoint with our world-class banking solution.

Save space and costs with leading self-service devices, while securely processing cash on-site.

We also improve business processes and make data analytics easy to navigate with our comprehensive reporting and holistic monitoring – to offer you the peace-of-mind that money is always safe and tallied.


Optimised Banking

Cost & Time

· Reduced Cost-to-Serve
· Queue-Free Service Delivery
· Free Time to Serve Better
· Decreased Cash Handling Labour
· Improved Working Capital


· Improved Customer Service
· Transformed Customer Expectations
· Trusted Comprehensive Reporting
· Optimised Cash Cycle Monitoring
· Optimised Cash Inventory & Holdings
· Integrated Multiple Systems
· Improved Management Reporting
· Digital Analytics
· Better Conformity
· AI-Driven Efficiency Improvements


· Decreased Cash Touchpoints
· Improved Forecasting
· Comprehensive Risk Management
· Flexible Payment Settlement
· Cash-in-Transit Optimisation


Our Banking Solutions

Enjoy our range of specialised, more secure, more efficient, end-to-end cash management and transaction tracking solutions for retail and commercial banks, and financial institutions of any size.



Protector 10 000 Range

Running a business with high volumes of cash, you need extraordinary security and efficiency. Our industry-leading, high-speed smart safes offer an all-in-one solution to secure and streamline your cash flow. Allowing you to improve your customers’ experience and staff performance while saving time and money.


Protector Coin Range

If you run a cash business, you inevitably deal with coins. They take a long time to count, and small denominations are miscounted and suffer shrinkage quickly leading to shortfalls and overs. It makes cash-up longer and tedious, taking time away from customer service. The Protector Coin Range offers an affordable add-on for the Protector 1 200, 2 400, 4 000 and 10 000 ranges. It’s simple, easy to operate and accurately counts coins in bulk - saving you more time and money.


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