Cash is still king in retail. But the landscape is changing. You need a retail solution that can simplify and secure your money and meet your consumers with varying payment methods.


Handling cash is time consuming, costly, and comes with internal and external risks. We offer world-leading technology to secure your on-site cash from your customers’ hand to your bank. You and your staff will spend less time dealing with money thanks to streamlined cash flow and payment acceptance management. We can even create a bespoke solution that allows your customers to purchase airtime, transfer funds, update e-wallets and more, with or without a bank account.

Enjoy continuous, ongoing support from our customer service call centre seven days a week, 365 days a year. And our dedicated maintenance technicians will ensure your retail cash management system is operating at its best, all year-round.



Reduce Costs

Improve working capital
Optimise cash cycle monitoring
Decrease cash handling labour

Save Time

Improve customer service & satisfaction
Trusted comprehensive reporting
Continually optimise cash inventory & holdings
AI driven efficiency improvements

Improve Security

Decrease cash touchpoints
More compliance
Comprehensive risk management
Flexible payment settlement
Cash-in-transit management & optimisation



Deposita can tailor a more secure, more efficient end-to-end retail cash management solution to suit your business from corner cafes to major franchises. Choose from our range of specialised products.



Protector 1 200 Range

We created a range of retail cash deposit management devices for small to medium-sized businesses specific needs. You need a reliable, cost-effective cash handling service and safety measures. Our Protector 1200 range of compact smart safes are designed to international standards and use our world-leading patented technology. Plus, our financial software CONNECTOR will improve and automate your cash flow management.

Protector 2 400 Range

Growing your business is already a demanding investment of time and energy. The Protector 2400 range will take care of your on-site cash security so you can focus on making your business a success. These compact, affordable smart safes secure and automate your cash management saving you precious time and reducing risk. That’s time and money you and your staff can devote to your customers and your business.

Protector 3 000 Range

Many businesses don’t have the space to spare for the size of smart safe they need. You could opt for a smaller safe with more frequent cash-in-transit collections. But this is often costly, impractical and disruptive. We designed high-speed counting, high-capacity, smart safes that take up a fraction of the space. Make your business more efficient and safer for employees and customers. Reduce the time it takes counting money so you and your staff can focus on your customers.

Protector 4 000 Range

A high-volume cash business requires a cash-handling solution that can process and safeguard large amounts of cash – quickly, safely and efficiently. The Protector 4 000 range are industry-leading smart safes that will automate the collection, protection and safeguarding of your money, offering you increased peace-of-mind while protecting your customers, your staff, and your business.

Protector 10 000 Range

Running a business with high volumes of cash, you need extraordinary security and efficiency. Our industry-leading, high-speed smart safes offer an all-in-one solution to secure and streamline your cash flow. Allowing you to improve your customers’ experience and staff performance while saving time and money.


Protector Coin Range

If you run a cash business, you inevitably deal with coins. They take a long time to count, and small denominations are miscounted and suffer shrinkage quickly leading to shortfalls and overs. It makes cash-up longer and tedious, taking time away from customer service. The Protector Coin Range offers an affordable add-on for the Protector 1 200, 2 400, 4 000 and 10 000 ranges. It’s simple, easy to operate and accurately counts coins in bulk - saving you more time and money.


Exchangor Teller

We worked with all kinds of retailers to develop a revolutionary secure checkout solution that integrates with your current point-of-sale system. Exchangor Teller replaces manual tills and secures notes and coins when they leave your customer’s hand until it reflects in your bank account. Find out how we can improve and simplify your checkout process to just four simple steps.


Accelerator Pay

Let your customers shop and conveniently pay using cash or card - without assistance from a cashier. We’ve used decades of experience managing cash to develop patented self-service payment solutions for retailers of all types and sizes. Almost any kind of business can now improve customer satisfaction and spend while cutting costs.

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